Argonium BETA (0.5.6) Release

Hey everybody !

Here is my entry for the Screamworld Game Jam, i've been working on it and debugging a lot last week and i'm really proud to finally release it.

This is also my first release ever as a game designer, i'm totally aware it still has flaws but i gaved myself 100% during this week which was really a trial for me. It felt like this job had to be done and i could only do my best about it.

Thanks to everybody who helped me during the process, especially my friends who helped me during the Beta-Test and gaved me their opinion through the writing process.

This may be the final update for Argonium, i have ideas for new features but right now i just need to let it sleep for a bit.

Thanks for playing, don't forget to give me your feedbacks !


Argonium (BETA 0.5.6).rar 173 MB
Mar 02, 2019

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